Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Taking A Stroll Around The City

Lighthouse at the top of Cerro Santa Ana (Santa Ana Hill).

Hello, everyone!

As October is a special month for my city, Guayaquil, I’ll be sharing with you some pictures I took while strolling around the city.

On October 9th, we celebrate the Independence of Guayaquil. There are parades, the military band plays, there are food fairs, and a lot of other activities to celebrate our city during this special month.

In the pictures above, you can see three of the seven bronze statues that decorate the streets of downtown Guayaquil.

From left to right, the characters represented are: Vicente Rocafuerte, the second constitutional President of Ecuador; Alberto Spencer, a Uruguayan-Ecuadorian football player known as the best Ecuadorian footballer; Niño Betunero (Bootblack Kid): bootblack kids used to be everyday characters on the streets of Guayaquil, but nowadays only a few adult men fulfill this role.

The pictures of the three collages above were taken at Las Peñas, an emblematic neighborhood located at the foot of Cerro Santa Ana (Santa Ana Hill). 

This neighborhood has been home for eleven Ecuadorian ex-presidents, and renowned Ecuadorian writers, painters, dancers and historians. Las Peñas has also been visited by important international figures, such as American writer Ernest Hemingway, revolutionary Che Guevara, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and French composer and orchestra director Antonio Neumane.

Do you enjoy taking a stroll around your city and learning more about it?

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