Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Wreck This Journal | September Progress

Hello, everyone!

As you might have read on last week’s Joyful Sundays, I’m now currently on vacation and that only means I have more time to focus on doing the things I enjoy the most. One of those things being working on my Wreck This Journal, of course!

I’ve finally gathered some courage to actually start “wrecking” the journal and I’m very happy with how the pages are turning out!

Here are some pictures of the progress I made during September:

"Throw something: a pencil, a ball dipped in paint" - I threw a cotton ball dipped in red paint and then splattered some more paint with an old toothbrush.

"Press Leaves and Other Found Things" - I pressed some flowers and some rose petals.

"A Page for Four-Letter Words" - Well, this page is not as artsy as I would like it to be, but it doesn't look that bad either. Right?

"Rub Here With Dirt" - I drew a tree and then rubbed the dirt below it.

Funny thing about the making of this page: I went out to my balcony to grab some dirt from a pot and I got locked outside *cries with laughter*. It was funny to see my dog, Osito, getting all desperate because he thought I was just messing with him, that I didn’t come back inside just because. The not-so-funny part was that I had to wait almost an hour for my parents to arrive from work to let me in.

"Glue Random Items Here" - I glued some random items I found on the streets of my Uni, and wrappings of some sweets I ate.

"Fill This Page With Circles" - I filled this page with cardboard circles and three rusty coins.

"Glue a Random Page From a Newspaper Here" - I glued a picture of Alan Rickman, from the time the newspapers were giving the news of his death. He will be missed.

"Drip Something Here (ink, paint, tea). Close the Book to Make a Print" - I did this "design" without really thinking about it, but a friend of mine saw it and told me she saw a ribcage. What do you think?

And that’s all my progress so far. You can check out my January progress here.
I still have two weeks left of vacation and I plan on working on other pages. I’m feeling quite creative these days; that’s actually a good thing!

Do you own a Wreck This Journal or a personal Art Journal?

Lots of Love,



  1. The "Rub here with dirt" page's backstory is hilarious! Look, at least a balcony is nicer than being locked out of your house (been there, done that, it isn't nice *laughs*)

    Why am I not surprised to see something related to Harry Potter here? Hahahaha, of course! You can't possibly call yourself a true Potterhead unless their characters are present in every single thing you say or do!

    So, I took the liberty of brainstorming some four-letter words myself and came up with this *index finger up and hmmm face*:
    -Skin -Post -Mail -Majo -Poop -Dots -Tool -Stay
    -Baby -Pork -Coal -Ruby -Clay -Four -Pain -Sign
    (Turns out it distracted me for a while which mas excellent hahahaha, thanks)

    Imagine how *great* it will look once it is doooneeee!!!
    Keep having tons of fun working on it :)

    *bear hug*

    1. Well, yeah... Being locked out in the balcony is nicer than actually being locked out of the whole house *laughs*. But still! It was freezing cold out there!

      Harry Potter is my past, present, and future. AFTER ALL THIS TIME? ALWAYS! *sobs*
      No but, really, Harry Potter has had an impact on me from the time I read the very first book when I was a little girl. And I feel very welcomed whenever I pick up a book to re-read it or whenever I re-watch one of the films.

      Just so you know, I gave myself a huge facepalm while reading your four-letter words because I had "Four" right in front of me and didn't even notice it *laughs*. And I'm glad this helped you!

      A big, warm bear hug for you too :)