Sunday, October 9, 2016

Joyful Sundays #8

Hello, everyone!

First of all, my apologies for not posting during this past week. I went on a trip to Cuenca with my family and I was so excited about it that I forgot to schedule some posts hehe.

This week was awesome! Wonderful! I had so much fun! I really, really enjoyed it. I traveled, went to the movies, went to a zoo… I did so many things!

Okay, okay. Focus on the post, Salha. Please.

These are the things that brought joy to me this week:

1.- Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. On Wednesday night, I went to the movies with my lovely friend to watch this film. I really liked it! Tim Burton did a wonderful job! My friend and I had popcorn while watching the movie, and then we headed for some quesadillas.

2.- Surprising my friend with a little present. She LOVES chocolate, so I gave her a small box with a dozen and I loved seeing the huge smile on her face!

3.- Pizza and movie night with my cousin. While our parents went out for dinner, my cousin and I stayed at my house. We ordered some pizza, watched Me Before You, and talked about books.

4.- A glow-in-the-dark Mickey Mouse t-shirt! My friend had two of these, and she gave me one *monkey covering his eyes emoji*. I NOW GLOW IN THE DARK, FOLKS! Well, at least the shirt does.

View of the city of Cuenca from one of the Cathedral's tower.

5.- Family trip to Cuenca. It was my mom’s birthday on Thursday, and she wanted to go to Cuenca. We traveled with my four cousins on my mom’s side. We walked a lot! And, even though it rained in the evenings, the mornings and afternoons were sunny and warm! I’ll be sharing a full post about this trip soon!

6.- Cuenca’s Flower Market. I love flowers! My mom bought me some cyclamens and she got herself a couple of cacti and succulents. I’ll be sharing some pics on the full post!

7.- Amaru Zoo. This BioPark is located outside of Cuenca and most of the animals they have were rescued from deplorable conditions (circuses, held captive in small places, etc.). My cousins, mom, and I had so much fun! The not-so-fun part was the 3-hour hike on the mountain as we made our way through the zoo… We were not in shape for that! But it was so, so worth it! I’ll also be sharing a full post about Amaru Zoo soon!

8.- Colorful and multi-flavored ice cream at Chordeleg. This single ice cream ball contained the following flavors: bubblegum, rum & raisins, coconut, and blackberry. It was delicious!

9.- Churros con manjar. On our way back to Guayaquil, we stopped at a café and bought some churros filled with manjar (dulce de leche) and ate them on the road. I loved how the churros were displayed at the café, it looked so cute!

10.- Seeing alpacas on the road and not getting carsick! Because not getting carsick and being able to enjoy the landscapes is always something to be happy about.

This past week was an amazing one! I had fun, ate delicious food, and spent time with my loved ones.

Now I have one week left of vacation before I get back into the torture that is Uni. I’ll make the best out of these seven days I have left!

What brought you joy during this week?
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Lots of Love,


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