Sunday, October 2, 2016

Joyful Sundays #7

Hello, everyone!

Can you believe October is already here? How fast does time fly!

Halloween is now just around the corner and that only means that Christmas is getting closer! Yes, Halloween and Christmas are my favorite festivities, thank you for noticing *laughs*. I’ve never been into wearing a costume and trick-or-treating, but I’ve always loved Halloween movies and telling scary stories at night. That’s what I really enjoy about this month!

But! This post isn’t about me rambling about how much I love these holidays so, without further ado, these are the things that brought me joy this week:

1.- It’s fall, y’all! I know it’s been fall/autumn for over a week now, and I know that we don’t have those seasons here in Ecuador, but that doesn’t stop me for getting happy about it arriving! No, sir! I just love this season: the weather gets colder, the leaves change their color, it’s harvest time, there are enough excuses for drinking more hot cocoa or tea and, also, for baking… *sighs*… I would really love to experience this season sometime!

2.- Adieu Berthe (Granny’s Funeral). My dear friend and I went to L’Alliance Française to watch this film. Adieu Berthe is a French comedy that revolves around Armand, a pharmacist, who has to deal with his father who has Alzheimer, his wife, Helen, who doesn't want to divorce and his very demanding mistress, Alix. All of this while trying to decide whether to bury or to cremate his grandmother, Berthe, who had recently passed away. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the occurrences Armand had to go through. I really, really liked this film!
Fun fact: this film was the 2nd most profitable film in France in 2012.

3.- Running to cross the street with my friend. We did it while the red light was on, don’t worry, we’re not reckless! It literally felt like a scene taken out of a movie, we even pictured ourselves running in slow motion *laughs*. We laughed so much after doing this! The people waiting for the green light probably thought we were crazy or something, but *Demi’s voice* I really don’t care. It was so fun!

4.- Friday night was pizza night! And not any kind of pizza, nope. It was homemade! I was craving homemade pizza for such a long time! It was so delicious!

5.- Saturday was BBQ day. My dad was in the mood for a barbecue so he put some ribs and sausages on the grill, and that was our Saturday lunch! I may have eaten a little too much because I was unable to move for the next couple of hours, but it was worth it!

6.- I passed a subject I thought I was going to fail! To be honest, I suck at numbers. And being a Business Administration student, that’s not a good thing. So yeah, I’m very happy for having passed this subject, even if this means that next semester I will be seeing 9 subjects from which 6 are all about numbers, numbers, numbers…

7.- My friend’s Tumblr blog. Worry not, my dear friend! I’m not giving away the URL *laughs*. But, honestly, I had to put her blog in this list because I just love reading her posts. She created this blog for a Uni class and it’s about her “trips” to different places in Europe. I LOVE HER POSTS!

8.- I got to work on my Wreck This Journal! I had left it all alone since February and I was finally able to start “wrecking” it again during this past week. Keep your eyes peeled for my WTJ progress post, which will be up on Tuesday!

And these are all the things that brought me joy during my first week of vacation. I can’t wait to see what this new week will bring! One thing I know for sure is that I’ll be traveling to Cuenca with the family!

So tell me, dear readers, what brought you joy during this week?

Lots of Love,



  1. "Halloween is now just around the corner and that only means that Christmas is getting closer!" HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOUR EXCITEMENT SO MUCH!!! (it brings me tears of joy because it is so pure)

    Bruh, who's this friend of yours? You guys must make the best of your time together because it sounds -waaaay too- cute! Movie feeling, huh?! Friendship goals x93985432 (Also, share your friend's URL, we'd like a good laugh, too!!! Come oooon!)

    So... I was wondering if there is any sort of form I have to fill out so that your family can officially adopt me? Pizza *and* BBQ?! You have to be kidding me... and CUENCA next week? Where do I sign up? I'd do it blindfolded.

    I'll be trying to hide my excitement for that WTJ progress post, the ones I've seen online never cease to amaze me. I'll get one for myself soon *raises index finger* "even if it's the last thing I doooo!!" *Captain Hook's voice*

    As for me, this week has been a little rough. Wednesday night was excellent, however! My chimichurrín and I watched a movie and wandered around the city streets searching for something to eat (I'm not so good with directions, ok? She bullies me because of it but it is hilarious because I'd be all :( and she won't stop laughing hahahahaha)
    The weekend has been good as well, I got to sleep in which is always a great thing *smiley/hmm emoji* and! I went to the movies with my two younger sisters.
    Quick tip: Nerve is intense af...

    I'm glad you're enjoying your time off uni and spending it on things you like. Have a safe trip to Cuenca and I'll keep my eyes peeled like potatoes for the following posts!!

    Big bear hug for you *heart emoji*

    1. I really recommend you to get a WTJ! And I really hope that getting one isn't the last thing you do because what'll be the point of getting it if you won't use it? *thinking face emoji*

      Getting to sleep in is always great, that's unarguable.

      Thanks for the heads-up about Nerve! My cousin also watched it and she said she loved it. The trailer is pretty cool and intense, so I think I'll watch it sometime soon!

      Thanks for the good wishes! I might be doing a travel post about my trip to Cuenca, so keep your eyes peeled like potatoes *laughs* for that, too!

      A big bear hug for you!

  2. Homemaade pizza? Barbeque lunch? Wow xD Looks like you've a really enjoyable week!
    I've been having exams *sad face* BUT tomorrows my last one so I'm kinda excited! Plus all my cousins and I have made a plan to make breakfast for everyone and have a picnic at the park so that's something I'm really looking forward to!