Sunday, October 30, 2016

Joyful Sundays #10

Hello, everyone!

My second week of Uni is over and, even though I had some blue days, there were also many things that illuminated my days!

I think that, whenever life gets tough, we need to focus more on the positive things, don’t you agree? Even if it’s just that you listened to your favorite song on repeat or that you finally ate something you’ve been craving for a long time. It’s the little things that we should also learn to enjoy.

These are the things that brought me joy during this past week:

1.- Hummus and pita bread for breakfast. Actually, I’ve been having hummus with my sandwiches every single day of the week! And no, I didn’t get tired of it. How could I!?

2.- Waffles with berries. My mom, my dad, and I went to a place called Waffle House. I had a waffle with berries and it was delicious! Also, there were some dudes showing off their motorcycles and there was a cool Harley Davidson my dad and I really liked!

3.- Buying Christmas decorations…  Yep, you read that right! Mom and I already went to buy some new baubles and Christmassy napkins.

4.- I also got some cookie cutters and Christmassy cupcakes baking cups! I’m thinking of having a big family gathering this Christmas and I’m really looking forward to baking my very first batch of sugar cookies and baking some Christmassy cupcakes! Although I think it would be better if I make a trial batch first *thinking emoji*

5.- A new blog post of my friend's Tumblr blog! I mentioned her blog in a previous Joyful Sundays and she said I could share the link with you! So here it is: About Europe. Enjoy!

6.- Picking up new colors for my bedroom walls. I’m actually a bit nervous about it… You see, I’ve never had colorful walls, they’ve always been white, but about three years ago I painted one green. And now we’re repainting the whole house and I decided to pick some new colors for my bedroom walls: Feather White and Open Air.

7.- A family gathering here in my house. We talked and laughed and my brother, who’s currently in Spain, gave us a call and talked to my grandparents. We also ate my second favorite Arabian food: yaprak sarma, which are vine leaves filled with rice and meat. It’s delicious!

8.- Taking a long shower and having a mini pamper session afterwards. I even lit up a cinnamon candle and did my nails. A good way for starting the new week afresh!

9.- Watching the sunset with my friend. The sky was gorgeous that afternoon! It was light blue, with yellow, and orange, and a bit of lilac and pink. And we liked the contrast the darkening mountain made against the colorful sky!

10.- And, I almost forget this one, but! This week I had my first glass of colada morada! You can read more about colada morada here. It’s the main reason why I love this season!

And these are all the things that brought me joy during this week!

Have you bought Christmas decorations for your place yet?
What brought you joy during this week?

Lots of Love,


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