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The Devil's Nose, Ecuador - 2015

Alausi's train station.
We had to be at Alausí’s train station at 7:30am for the check-in because, supposedly, we were leaving at 8 o’clock. That didn’t happen, of course, as a wagon had broken down in the middle of the road, so they had to ride all the way to the wagon and pull it back to the station.

Our journey finally began at 8:45, which caused our visit to the Devil’s Nose to be shortened.

The railroad from Alausí to Sibambe is catalogued as the most difficult railroad in the world. It earned this title because it was built in a zig-zag shape, as it had to border one same mountain, at the same time it had to go downwards/upwards, in different directions in order to arrive to its destination. This caused the train to go backwards in some sections of the journey.

Once we arrived to the Sibambe station, we were welcomed by the Danzantes (Dancers), who presented a beautiful choreography of typical Ecuadorian music and also took some tourists to the dance floor. We then had a little snack and explored the area a bit.

Arrival to Sibambe station.
When we caught sight of the Devil’s Nose, our tour guide told us that, for being able to see the shape, we had to view it from a certain perspective and with a bit of our imagination. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see the shape, but I’m leaving a picture of it below to see if you guys manage to see it.

The Devil's Nose.
This mountain was named the Devil’s Nose because of the many things that happened during the construction of the railroads on the mountain. Over 2500 of workers died during construction. The deaths were caused either by the early explosions of the dynamites they were using, different diseases (such as the yellow fever), or by the attacks of the animals that inhabited in the area. All of these, caused the remaining workers to believe that the mountain was cursed, hence the name Devil´s Nose.

After taking the proper pictures, we were hurried back into the train and began our journey back to Alausí.

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