Sunday, September 25, 2016

Joyful Sundays #6

Hello, everyone!

These past couple of weeks haven’t been very nice, I had my final exams at Uni and they were awful. They were harder because of this new grading system everyone thinks is stupid except for the Dean *rolls eyes*.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me complaining so enough of that *shakes away the negativity*.

Let’s talk about the little things that made these two weeks more bearable, shall we?

1.- I’m finally on vacation! After suffering a whole semester with Stats, Math, Finances, and Microeconomics (just to name a few), I’m finally able to take a breath. I’ll make good use of these 2 ½ weeks.

2.- I began taking new pictures for Bookstagram! I’ve remained inactive on Bookstagram for at least three months, and I finally took the time to stage a little photoshoot. Feel free to check out my account: @abookwormindisguise.

3.- NetGalley bombarded me with ARCs and most of them look like they’ll be wonderful reads. Although I now have to speed up my reading if I want to keep a good feedback ratio.

4.- I joined the Souvenirs from Across the World feature. This feature was created by Marie, from Drizzle & Hurricane Books, and it’s about creating a link between all bloggers, from everywhere, and to share a bit of the diversity that makes everyone unique on the blogosphere.
You can check out my first post for this feature here: What I Love About Ecuador.

5.- I’ve been getting into the Christmas mood this past week, thanks to a YouTube playlist! Yes, I know it’s September. Yes, I know Christmas is in like three months. No, I’m not gonna stop listening to Christmas songs.

6.- I began building my family tree. I’m using, although I don’t like the layout. But at least it’s better that seeing a mini family tree on my iPod’s tiny screen.

7.- Jamming to my favorite songs to boost my positivity. Some of these songs are: Fix my Eyes, by For King and Country; Sun is Shining, by Axwell /\ Ingrosso; No Money, by Galantis; and Beautiful Now, by Zedd ft. Jon Bellion.

8.- I laughed non-stop for over half an hour because my great-aunt was talking with double meaning and literally everyone at the family gathering was crying with laughter. I even got a bit dizzy for laughing so much!

How are you doing with Uni/high school/college?
What brought you joy during this week?

Lots of Love,



  1. I *really* enjoy all of these JS posts. They make me so very happy.
    You're over with your semester and mine just started a few weeks ago *cries*.
    Happiness still drives shotgun in my life, however. It has been a really nice week.
    - Two of my 7am classes got cancelled so I got to sleep in and it was glorious!
    - *blushed emoji* My S.O. and I got to see each other several times, which is actually the main reason of a whole entire -Joyful month-; we've been able to spend time together regularly and it brings me a whole lot of joy.
    - I got positive news from my internship! I start on Monday *nerd emoji*
    - I made banananana bread yesterday and I was so eager to eat it as soon as it came out of the oven that I burnt myself a little. (But it was well worth it. I'm terrible at cooking so I still have no idea how I manage -not- to burn my entire house down in the process)
    - I jam to City and Colour every night on my way back home from uni and it is extremely relaxing after a long day.

    Can't wait for next week's JS!!!
    Take care! I hope you have a great week *cute little monkey covering its face emoji*

    *waves hands goodbye*

    1. I'm glad these posts make you happy. It makes me happy to write them, too *cute little monkey covering its face emoji*
      Having 7am classes cancelled is always glorious! Everyone appreciates the extra time for sleeping.
      I bet you're not that terrible at cooking! That banana bread must have been delicious! I've seen many variations of the recipe on Pinterest and I'd love to try one out.

      I hope you have an excellent week!

  2. This post actually made me so happy and relaxed!I feel like it's one of those posts where you sit down with a hot cup of tea all warm and fuzzy as rain pours down, and there's some nice indie folk music playing in the background as the fairy lights hang across the bedroom walls illuminates the room. Lol was that too much, clearly i'm in need of some serious relaxation time... and i'm not even in school!Glad you had some great stuff to help you feel alive during the week!xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for the positive comment, I'm glad this post made you feel happy!
      I was actually listening to Imagine Dragons while writing this post, and I would LOVE to have my bedroom decorated with fairy lights!