Sunday, September 11, 2016

Joyful Sundays #5

Hello, everyone!

This week literally flew away and it was because I had so.much.FUN! This week was awesome! I got to do so many wonderful things with a friend of mine and I also had a family gathering; I can’t wait to share this week’s adventures with you!

Let’s just get started with the post, shall we?

1.- My friend and I went to the International Book Fair here in Guayaquil! We went on the very first day of the fair and there were a lot of stands selling books, and some actors were reading Shakespeare’s plays. We spent half of the day just wandering through oceans of books. It was wonderful!

2.- And I couldn’t leave a book fair empty-handed… So, guess what? I bought some books!
I bought three books for myself, and also bought some books for mom and dad, and for my aunt.  I’ll be sharing them in a book haul post at the end of the month!

3.- The same day of the book fair, my friend and I went for burgers (before)  and donuts (after). And, taking advantage that we were at the same Mall where my parents bought me that Canterbury Classic last week, I dragged her (not really) to the book shop to show her how gorgeous those books are, of course!

4.- Still talking about books, I finished reading And Then There Were None! I absolutely loved it! I’ll be posting a review soon.

Left: Picture of the lake taken by photographer Anders Bjarner.
Right: A picture I took of my friend being followed by the pups!

5.- On Friday, my friend and I went on a picnic at Parque El Lago. We ate cheese, and sandwiches, and bread with guacamole, and drank peach juice… It was the very first time I had a picnic and I really, really enjoyed it!

6.- We played Battleship! She beat me twice… Even though I always sank one of her ships first… Oh well…

7.- We were puppy magnets! The guard at the park had four dogs and they spent almost the whole day with us! They laid down on the shadow under our table, and then they followed us when we changed to another table because of the sun.

Quipes and chard fatays.

8.- I had a family gathering yesterday and we all had a good laugh listening to some hilarious medical experiences of some members of the family. And we also had fun watching the little ones play Simon Says. One time, they were asked for a used glass and one of the kids picked up a clean plastic one and filled it with mud *cries with laughter*

9.- At the gathering, we got to eat lots of Arabian food: quipes, chard fatays, tabouleh, and maqluba with yogurt. I secretly asked my grandma to bake me some chard fatays whenever she had the time because I just love them!

What a week… What a wonderful week! I’ve made so many great memories these past seven days!

Now I have to calm down a bit and start studying because this and next week I have my final exams at Uni. Yay! (*cough* sarcasm *cough*)

So tell me, dear readers: What brought you joy during this week?

Lots of Love,


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