Thursday, September 22, 2016

Discovering my Patronus

A new test has been uploaded on Pottermore…
Potterheads of the world, prepare…

Hello, everyone!

J. K. Rowling has been dropping some hints about a new release on Pottermore and we finally know what it is!

You now can discover your Patronus by solving a quick test in which you are given a set of words and you have to pick one. Your Patronus is the result of the words you’ve chosen, and I guess that the quickness with which you do the choosing also affects the result.

My Patronus is a Ragdoll Cat!

I wish there was a short description about why you were given said Patronus, but I guess it would be a lot of work to describe all the options.

I gave myself the liberty to Google about this animal and the general description given was: affectionate, intelligent, relaxed in temperament, and gentle. I also found that these cats are a bit dog-like: they greet you at the door, follow you from room to room, sleep with you, and they can be taught to play fetch!

If you haven’t done the Patronus test yet, head over to the Pottermore site to find out!

If you already did it, what’s your Patronus?

Lots of Love,



  1. Hey!
    I did the Patronus test too and got a beagle.
    Had it been a bear, I would have lost it. //Favorite animal alert *heart emoji*//

    Still, I think the platform needs a bit more work, there -has- to be some sort of description as to why you got the Patronus.

    Bye for now *waves hand goodbye*