Thursday, September 15, 2016

Camp X-Ray

Hello, everyone!

On November (last year), I watched Camp X-Ray and I must say that I was blown away by it.

First, let’s talk about Kristen Stewart’s performance: it was transfixing. In the film, she plays PFC Amy Cole. She portrayed this character so beautifully, she showed all those emotions, she gave life to the whole character. The fact that Amy Cole wore socks and sandals on the film was Kristen’s idea; she thought that Amy would have been the type of person that would use socks and sandals, so she did. The emotions she showed were real; there was no deceit in the ambiance. There were also these silent close-ups where you could read every fluctuation in her mood even though she was barely moving a muscle. That’s a performance from a true movie star.

Now, let’s talk about Peyman Moaadi. He’s an amazing actor, I mean, this is the first work of him I’ve seen but his performance shocked me. He plays Ali Amir, a charismatic chatterbox Guantanamo detainee. In the film, you could really feel Ali’s curiosity and suffering through Peyman’s incredible portrayal of the character. I perceived this character as an “adult kid” during some parts because of some of his attitudes. He also managed to avoid the “noble savage” cliché with ease.

The plot and original script was written by Peter Sattler, who also directed the film.
Kristen and Peyman contributed a lot in terms of shaping and molding their characters through rehearsals. Peter Sattler said that they were always coming to him with new ideas of how their characters should be.

Camp X-Ray was filmed inside a real abandoned correctional facility. They decided to film it in there in order to make the movie more real, more believable; they also thought that the actors’ emotions would flow easily if they acted in an actual prison than in a set.

I personally loved this movie and I must admit that the part where Ali was attempting to commit suicide when he knew that Amy Cole was leaving next month and how she held his hand, made me tear up. I also loved the very end, where Ali finally reads the seventh book of the Harry Potter saga, which was the final gift from Amy.

Here’s a plot summary taken from

“A young soldier, PFC Amy Cole, escapes her suffocating small town by joining the military, only to find that she isn't going for a tour of duty in Iraq as she hoped. Instead, she's sent to Guantanamo. Met with hatred and abuse from the men in her charge, she forges an odd friendship with a man, Ali Amir, who has been imprisoned at Gitmo for eight years.”

If you haven’t watched this film yet, I really recommend you to do so.


Have you watched it already? What’s your opinion about it?

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  1. I've never heard of this movie before, but it sounds really interesting and cool. Great post! :)

  2. I never liked Kristen Stewart's acting especially when she's the leading actress, but this time I'll give it a shot! Thanks for the review.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. You should give it a try!

      I don't like some of Kristen Stewart's perfomances as well, but her latest films are praiseworthy.

      This one, Clouds of Sils Maria, and Still Alice are some films I can recommend. One that I haven't watched yet, but has received wonderful reviews, is Café Society.

      Let me know your thoughts on Camp X-Ray once you watch it! :)