Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Wreck This Journal | January Progress

Hello, everyone!

As I mentioned in my previous post, this month has been pretty hectic but, luckily, I’ve had some time to keep on working on my Wreck This Journal.

Here are some pictures of my progress so far:

"Add Your Own Page Numbers" - I still have to finish this one, but I wanted to show you how it's going so far.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

December & January Book Haul

Hello, everyone!

I know, I know... One of my resolutions for this New Year was to keep the blog active with, at least, three posts a week... Well, what a better way to start the year with some already-not-accomplished resolutions, am I right?

Actually, that's not good at all. 

Uni has been pretty hectic these past couple of weeks... I promise that I'll sit down to write some new blog posts during this weekend and during the Carnival holidays (which is in 12 days).

So, now let's get on with tonight's post, shall we?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Author: Patrick Süskind
Genres:  Mystery, Fiction, Horror.
Rating: 4/5


An acclaimed bestseller and international sensation, Patrick Suskind's classic novel provokes a terrifying examination of what happens when one man's indulgence in his greatest passion — his sense of smell — leads to murder.In the slums of eighteenth-century France, the infant Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born with one sublime gift — an absolute sense of smell. As a boy, he lives to decipher the odors of Paris, and apprentices himself to a prominent perfumer who teaches him the ancient art of mixing precious oils and herbs. But Grenouille's genius is such that he is not satisfied to stop there, and he becomes obsessed with capturing the smells of objects such as brass doorknobs and fresh-cut wood. Then one day he catches a hint of a scent that will drive him on an ever-more-terrifying quest to create the "ultimate perfume" — the scent of a beautiful young virgin. Told with dazzling narrative brillance, Perfume is a hauntingly powerful tale of murder and sensual depravity.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Principle of Emptiness by Joseph Newton

Happy New Year, guys!

My first post of the year will be this message that my dad sent me not so long ago. It’s about letting new things get into our lives.


Have you got the habit of hoarding useless objects, thinking that one day, who knows when, you may need them? Have you got the habit of accumulating money, and not spending it because you think that in the future you may be in want of it? Have you got the habit of storing clothes, shoes, furniture, utensils and other home supplies that you haven’t used already for some time? And inside yourself…? Have you got the habit to keep reproaches, resentment, sadness, fears and more?