Monday, November 9, 2015

Piola | An Italian restaurant chain in Guayaquil

Hello, everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I went for the second time to this Italian restaurant called Piola.
Both of my visits to the restaurant have been pleasant.

"The first to pick up their phone pays the bill."
The first time I went there, I ordered a pizza. The dough was thin and crisp, exactly the way it should be, and it tasted delicious! What calls my attention the most of this restaurant is the wide variety of pizzas they offer: they have from the typical ham-and-cheese pizzas, to those with unusual ingredients for us Ecuadorians, like artichokes, salmon, and eggplant.

The second time I went to Piola, I went for a family lunch and we had a tiny inconvenient with our entry… We ordered this sautéed-vegetables entrée called Montisola. The dish presentation was good, and it also tasted great, the problem was that the asparagus were way too thick. The proper asparagus for entrées and salads are the thin, softer ones.

Something I really recommend you to order at Piola, putting the pizzas aside, is the tiramisu. It was delicious!

Piola is a wonderful restaurant. It’s an international restaurant chain, so you might have one of these restaurants in your city. It is not the best Italian restaurant in Guayaquil, though, but it definitely deserves all the good comments it has received.

- Salha -

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