Thursday, November 5, 2015

10 Things to Start Doing for Yourself to Feel Better

Hello, everyone!

A couple of days ago, I found these 10 things while wandering on Tumblr and I immediately thought I should share them with you.

These ten little things are very important so, please, keep them in mind all the time.

1. Get into a routine. Wake up the same time every morning, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, go on a walk. It gets easier every time you do it, I promise.

2. Set approachable goals. Even if it’s just not to lie on bed all day, or to go to the grocery store, set goals you can accomplish.

3. Exercise. You don’t have to run a marathon. A few walks every week can make a huge difference.

4. Eat different. Don’t go with the same bread all week. Hormones in our brain give us endorphins when we taste and try something new.

5. Get enough sleep. If you only sleep two hours now, try with three. Go to bed earlier, and lay and stare at your roof for hours if you have to. At some point, your body will stop fighting, and it will let you sleep.

6. Don’t drop everything you have. Sometimes it’s good for us to clean our house, or room. Maybe dust that old shelf you have thought about a million times. You will feel better afterwards.

7. Fight your demons. It sounds hard, and it is. But start off by thinking in a different direction. Do you really think that old lady at the bus station hated you because you looked angry? Or do you think your teachers go home after work and think about your grades? Probably not. Remember that your mind is your biggest enemy.

8. Do things you love. Don’t you think anything is funny anymore? It’s just your brain fooling you. You need to let go and do the things that you are afraid of doing. Do you love to draw? Then draw! You will thank yourself later.

9. Remember that you are important. People usually think that they don’t matter. But you actually do. You matter to me, and you probably know someone that you matter to. A sister, a brother, a parent, a lover or a friend. Someone out there really cares for you, and you just need to let yourself accept that and understand it.

10. Read more. Magazines, books... Read as much as you can. Reading makes your brain develop special hormones that makes you happier.

I hope these help any of you.

Lots of Love,

- Salha -

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