Thursday, October 1, 2015

SuperBloodMoon Total Eclipse


Hello, everyone!

This past Sunday (September 27 in my country), I was able to watch the SuperBloodMoon Total Eclipse from the porch of my house!

The eclipse began around 8:15pm, the left-low corner of the moon began to be covered by the Earth’s penumbra, and it made its way slowly until there was a total lunar eclipse by 9:40pm.

It was called “Superbloodmoon” for the following reasons:

1.- It was called a Supermoon because the full moon phase coincided with the moon’s closest approach to the Earth.

2.- It was a “Blood” Moon because that’s a how a total lunar eclipse is described: the Earth casts its shadow on a full moon and eclipses it, and that may cause the moon to get a red glow.

This Total Lunar Eclipse was the last of a tetrad, the first one being on April 15, 2014. The first Total Lunar Eclipse of the next tetrad will happen in 2018.

So, yes, I’m still excited that I got to see this eclipse! It’s the very first eclipse I’ve seen throughout my entire life! As I said, I watched it from the porch of my house, alongside my dog and my dad. We were so lucky that there was a clear sky in our city.

We tried to snap some pictures but, you know, cellphone’s cameras suck… In the pictures we took, the moon still looks bright and full when there was only one uncovered corner left.

Did you watch this Superbloodmoon eclipse?
Have you watched an eclipse before?

- Salha -

P.S.: If you would like to know when the next eclipses are going to be, check out this page: Time and Date

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