Sunday, October 4, 2015

Joyful Sundays #1

Hello, everyone!

Let me introduce you to this new section of the blog: Joyful Sundays. Here, I’ll share with you ten little things that brought joy to my life during the previous week.

After each of these posts, I encourage you to share with me at least 5 things that made you happy during the week. Are you willing to accept that little challenge?

I hope you do! It’s very therapeutic!

1.- The SuperBloodMoon Total Eclipse: this is the very first lunar eclipse that I was able to watch and, yes, I’m still very excited about it! If you would like to read a bit more about this, feel free to check out my blog post about my experience.

2.- It’s Autumn… finally! I know that in my country there are no seasons, because it is a tropical country, but still: I get so happy for Autumn! I know I can’t experience it in person, but I do get to experience it through Tumblr and Instagram, and I’m ready to start baking and enjoying hot chocolates! (Hooray for cooler weather!)

3.- My new lock screen wallpaper: I found a bunch of nature pictures on my Twitter feed last week, and they were gorgeous. I finally decided to change my old Kristen Stewart wallpaper to one of these fresh, forest-y photos.

4.- I got a haircut! My hair was already like 3 inches (7.6cms) below my shoulders and I really disliked it… It is now cut above the shoulders, and it looks and feels so much better! I feel so different now!

5.- Short walks around my village: I went for a walk a couple of times this week, and I loved it! I really like seeing the different plants and flowers that decorate the gardens of my neighbors, and all the birds flying from tree to tree, breathing in the fresh air… And it’s even better if I walk around with my doggy.

6.- I joined the 100 Happy Days challenge! I signed myself up for it on their webpage: 100 Happy Days. So far, I’ve only skipped two days… Not intentionally, of course. It’s just that time is flying! You can follow my progress of the challenge on my Instagram: The Journeys of a Girl.

7.- I began doing daily To-Do lists. I’ve always read and heard that keeping track of the things you have to do is very useful and kind of therapeutic, so I decided to do it because, lately, I’ve been feeling like I do absolutely nothing during the day. Now, every night after seeing all the crossed-out things on the list I feel relieved and productive.

8.- I baked some M&M’s cookies! I’ve been feeling the desire of baking cookies throughout this whole week, and I finally did it yesterday! I found this nice recipe on the Internet and made some changes on it. I’ll be sharing it with you soon! Keep an eye for it!

9.- I was able to pet my pony-sized dog for almost 20 minutes straight and he didn’t go crazy: that was quite a feat! I have this Labrador called Droopy, and he’s almost never still but, a couple of nights ago I managed to keep him still and he let me pet him for 20 minutes!

10.- My other dog, the little fluffy ball called Osito, has finally recovered from an injury he had in his colon. I had to be his 24/7 nanny for almost two weeks, and I’m glad to see he’s finally eating and running again.

So, those are the ten things that brought me joy this past week. What about you? What made you happy?

Lots of Love,



  1. 1) Red Moon
    2) Started thinking about my plans for a pixie cut (it will happen, I've made a contract with myself!)
    3) We found a bag FULL of family photos, from black and white photos from the 30's to photos from the early 00's and it brought us together as a family as we tried to name and date them.
    4) I did a cake sale for charity and my cake sold out (!)
    5) Cheesy as it sounds, I found a really nice dress in a charity shop and I'm just really happy with it!

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

    1. Did you see the eclipse? It was beautiful, right!?

      I love seeing old family photos! I have this old, small tin trunk with pictures of my grandpa's family from when they were still living in Palestine. I even have an old journal filled with farewell messages from their friends from the time they were forced to flee out of Palestine because of the war.

      And, it is always nice to find a piece of clothing we really love!

      Thank you so much for sharing with me some of the things that made you happy this week :)