Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Listen to your Inner Self

Hello, dear readers!

Last year, I went to a talk about ‘How to listen to your inner self’ by Chilean Priest Juan Pablo Cárcamo.

You should know that I’m not a very religious person so, at first, I wasn’t very eager about it but, in the end, it was very interesting and helpful and that’s why I’m sharing what I learned there with you.

P. Juan Pablo told us that, to find true happiness, we need to learn to listen to our inner voice instead of all the noise that comes to us from the exterior (a.k.a society’s parameters on how to behave in order to fit in).  He said that, to be happy, we have to do what we really like, what we really want to do (excluding illegal things, of course), what we feel motivation for, and not be influenced by our family’s or friends’ preferences because, in the end, it’s YOU the one living your life and the one who is going to feel sad or happy about what you’re doing.

It is OK to be who you really are and don’t worry about what people say about you; YOU ARE YOU, and accepting yourself is true perfection. Despite being a Priest, he supports the LGBT community and he stated: “I’ve had young boys and girls asking me for advice due to the reject they suffer from being members of the LGBT community and I know that they can’t avoid having feelings for others just as straight people can’t so, the only thing that I recommend, not only for LGBT people but for everybody, is to be faithful to yourself and your partner, if you have one. Just don’t be promiscuous and don’t disrespect your body. Appreciate yourself”.

P. Juan Pablo also said that feelings get into us from everything; everything we see and everything we hear affects us internally, and we need to learn how to cope with all that by ourselves. He recommended to keep a journal, it doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, but at least you have to write the feelings you had that day and what caused that feeling or maybe keep a journal where you write one thing that makes you happy each day and, as times passes by, you’ll see the difference within yourself, how you begin to appreciate everything even more and how you become happier. (I recommend you this website: 100 Happy Days )

I also recommend you to stay in complete silence for one hour, or at least 30 minutes; no music, no distractions; and meditate, think about everything you want and try to listen to your inner voice, listen to what it says that makes you happy.

And remember:

"Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Treasure yourself."

- Salha -

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  1. That sounds like it was an interesting talk. I think we all need to start listening to ourselves more often!

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