Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Petition to J.K. Rowling

Dear Mrs. Rowling,

I know I’m not writing only for myself but for all the other Potterheads around the world when I ask: Could you please do a prequel for the Harry Potter series? Please?

It could be a series too, and the books could be about the Marauders’ years at Hogwarts, how they became friends, more about their relationship with Snape, Lily’s relationship with Snape, the creation of the Marauders Map, also a little bit of insight of Arthur and Molly Weasley’s years at Hogwarts and whether or not they ever crossed a word with Lucius or Bellatrix while studying there (because they attended Hogwarts around the same time), how Lupin dealt with the fact that he was a werewolf during his high school years and how the other Marauders supported him, the creation of the First Order of the Phoenix, whether or not the Potters were acquaintances with the Weasleys back in that time, more information about the First Wizarding War, Harry’s birth, how Pettigrew chose to betray the Potters, etc.

The last book of this series could finish with Pettigrew betraying the Potters, Lord Voldemort killing them, Snape’s arrival to the scene to find Lily already dead, and Dumbledore handing little Harry to Hagrid, so he could begin his journey to the Dursley’s house, that way this series would end right where the Harry Potter series begins.

Doesn’t this sound cool?

Please, Mrs. Rowling, we beg you to take this into consideration.


Potterheads around the World.

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