Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wild Rose & Raspberry Leaf Sensuous Bath Foam | Baylis & Harding

Hello, everyone!

Today I'm making a little review on this bath foam that has become an essential for my Sunday Pamper Evenings: Wild Rose & Raspberry Leaf Sensuous Bath Foam by Baylis &Harding.

“Luxuriate in sensuous fragrance, surrounded by the nostalgic fragrance of a country summer. Exotic jasmine and fruity raspberry blend with the gentle notes of wile rose for a fresh, light fragrance that helps you unwind from your daily routine.”

That's the product's description given on the site, and they couldn't be more right; although, the jasmine fragrance is barely noticeable. As soon as you open the bottle, a nice (and a little bit strong) rose fragrance is unleashed.

The bath foam comes in a slightly pink color, which matches the overall product presentation; I really like the packaging and, believe it or not, it only costs £8 (USD$12.88)!

After using the Wild Rose & Raspberry Leaf bath foam, my skin is left with a lovely and subtle rose smell and it also feels softer.

Baylis & Harding also offers this bath foam in 6 other fragrances for you to enjoy:

Have you ever tried any of Baylis & Harding products?
What do you think about them?

Lots of Love,

- Salha -

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  1. I think I've tried some of their products before, but not these (although they do sound nice!). Does the smell continue after you put it into the bath water, or is it just in the container?

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  2. I haven't taken a bath in forever. My tub is temperamental. But I do love a nice scented bath. Thanks for the rec!

    xx Yasmin