Saturday, September 19, 2015

Things That Make Me Happy #1: Kinder Surprise Egg

Hello, everyone!

And yes, the first thing on my ‘Things that make me Happy’ list is the Kinder Joy Surprise Egg.

Leaving the fact that it is delicious aside, the Kinder Joy Surprise Egg earned a spot on my list because it brings back many childhood memories. It makes me remember the excitement of finding out which toy I had gotten in that Egg (if you didn’t felt this way then… You’re weird… just kidding! Hahaha), I just wanted to open the Egg as soon as I had it in my hands to see the toy and, of course, to eat the chocolate; and the small fights I had with my brother because he thought his toy was better while I thought that mine was better… But most of the times, we ended up switching toys.

Kinder Joy Surprise Egg did bring joy to my childhood and maybe to yours too.

Let me know about your childhood experiences while enjoying a Kinder Joy Surprise Egg or any other Kinder Bueno chocolate in the comments.

Lots of Love,

- Salha -


  1. I have to agree that they play a part in our childhood memories! I still have a few (A space monkey, a dinosaur, a bracelet and perhaps a few others but I can't be too sure!) which I keep in a draw!

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

  2. Kinder Surprise Eggs are so good. Your post made me crave one so bad, but unfortunately they don't sell them where I live right now.

    1. Sorry about that!
      How come they don't sell them there? I've heard it is banned in some countries... Is it banned in yours?